Echigo Kanesada, aka: Terukane

This marvelous wakizashi is a complete joy to study as a textbook example of superb Osaka Shinto workmanship.

Darcy Brockbank wrote an excellent overview of this smith and with his generous permission I have excerpted part of it here:

As Darcy clearly defines, this smith is identified as a leading maker of the 17th century with works occupying the position of rank in the Juyo and Tokubetsu Juyo ranks which is difficult for Shinto swords to achieve. Furthermore, the fact that there are wakizashi by him under both his former and latter names casts further light on how well he is regarded among his shinto peers, as Shinto wakizashi of Juyo rank are remarkably rare.

This sword was found in a pawn shop many years ago and was restored by the current owner. It turned out to be quite the find, as it is a magnificent example of Osaka Shinto workmanship, with all the characteristics and quality that one would expect from a smith of this caliber. It is stout, and healthy with excellently forged koitame hada that has a fine luster of fine chikei and abundant sparkling jinie.

The deep gunome midare hamon is a highly skilled composition of fantastic bright konie that resembles hoarfrost (frozen water vapor) with a depth of texture and consistency throughout that is truly lovely and remarkable. Within the hamon are contained superb kinsuji, sunagashi, with deep ashi inserted, and floating above it are a couple round, deliberate tobiyaki that look as if they are being tossed about on rolling seas

The boshi is deep and healthy with visible konie continuing through it from the hamon and into the kaeri crossing short across the koshinogi.

The blade is held in a very nice shirasaya and accompanied by NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers that confirm the authenticity and quality.

Offered on consignment: $12,500.00 USD