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Gendai Fittings For Sale

Gendaimono are newly made things. These tsuba are made by hand in Japan by a maker with many years of experience. They are hand pierced, cut, filed, finished, and patinated by hand. Each tsuba can take up to several months to complete, the majority of which involves the patination process. They all have wonderful color, attractive surface textures, and excellent details copied from some famous designs and patterns from various historic schools of tsuba manufacture. Each also has had “sekigane” or copper inserts installed at the ha and mune contact points that aid in both precise fitting to the swords nakago, but also protect the nakago from frictional erosion over time. The effects of which can wear dimples in the nakago called "tsubazuri". Sizes vary, but all are appropriate for katana size unless otherwise stated. Antique originals of these tsubas may cost many times more and be too important to mount on swords in regular use by practitioners, therefore, for the person looking for a higher quality tsuba than the production ones available for less, these are a great way of filling a spot on a special sword.

Custom designs are available for consideration. Prices vary greatly by design. No in-lay or on-lay work is available, and sculpting work limited to modest surface patterns. Iron is the common material for the plate, but Shakudo, Copper, and Brass are available. Design work, and completion can take several months. Please inquire for quote on your design.

Examples of Available Designs


Yanagi Tsuba

Moon and Reflection