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Ono Yoshimitsu's World of Juka Choji
This excellent book illustrates the works of Mukansa swordsmith, Ono Yoshimitsu who is famous for his stunning recreations of Bizen swords. He is particularly well known for his copies of the famous National Treasure Ichimonji sword called "Yamatorige". Yoshimitsu specializes in jukachoji or "stacked" choji in vibrant and complex forms. This book shows not only this specialty in swords that have been exhibited in the Hayashibara Museum, but also shows his diversity of skills in other styles and approaches of Koto Bizen smiths.
This soft cover edition has over 150 pages that contain large format high quality photographs of 26 of Yoshimitsu swords with descriptions for each, and essays and commentaries by other notable persons such as Yoshindo Yoshihara and Kashima Susumu. There is even a chronology by Yoshimitsu that presents his thoughts and experiences over the years which is a very interesting insight to this highly talented and humble shokunin. This edition has been signed by Ono Yoshimitsu inside the front.
It measures 10 ¼ inches by 14 3/8 inches, and includes a CD of the complete English translation for this book, and a printed copy of the translation is also included. This is a wonderful book and a must for any Nihonto collector or sword enthusiast. In excellent condition with plastic cover. Shipping weight is about 4 pounds.

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