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                 Meihin Katanaezu Shusei
                     by Tanobe Michihiro
Former Director of Research for the NBTHK
One of the best illustrated and comprehensive books on Nihonto masterpieces. This large format book is 21 1/2" x 14 1/2" and contains over 200 examples with full body oshigata and high quality images, with full descriptions and background (in Japanese) of some of the finest, and many famous, existing swords today. The magnificently drawn and detailed oshigata are by Mr. Tanobe himself.
The book is hard bound in fabric covers and bound in a traditional styled tied sandwich binding. It is held in a fabric covered hard panel folding slip cover, then placed in a heavy cardboard box. It was a limited print of 600 copies which sold out, and now the only copies available are those occasionally offered on the secondary market such as this one. The value of this compilation as a resource cannot be understated. It remains one of the definitive works on Nihonto and useful for any level of collector or researcher.
The book condition is excellent condition with no damage to any of the pages. There is a very slight stain on the back cover, and the outer folding slip cover has some slight lines of smudges. The cardboard box has some moderate bruising of the edges, and a few depressions in the top adjacent to the label.


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