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Ko-Kinko Dragon Menuki
An absolutely wonderful set of large solid gold dragons attributed to the Ko-Kinko makers who worked in the late Muromachi and Momoyama eras (late 16th century).  Solid gold works from this period of makers are quite rare, and these are in excellent condition with lovely “kinsabi”, which is a red toned patination that solid gold works can take on over time.  The workmanship is excellent with  flowing composition and fine details. 
For the past few years, in response to the spot price of gold bullion, solid gold fittings have naturally seen elevations in price and value, with works of mediocre and/or poor condition and smaller size seeing prices in and around $2000.00.  These are superior works that stand head and shoulders above the rank and file, and considering that the Ko-Kinko attribution places them at over 400 years old, their condition places them in a truly special light.
These lovely menuki are accompanied by NBTHK Hozon papers, and are in a custom fitted box.  They are sure to be a prized addition to any collection.  

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