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Howard Clark L6 Unokubi Katana
Another excellent L6 Bainite sword by Howard Clark in Unokubi (commorant's neck) style. The Unokubi shape promotes a balance point closer to the hands that is light and fast. Repetitive motion is a part of Iai and Kenjutsu training making a blade such as this quite desirable as it is easier on the arms and shoulders as well.
This sword was originally made by Howard Clark for Bugei Trading Company when they offered his works on a custom basis. It can be identified as one of his earlier works by the stamped "Bainite Super Katana" on the nakago, which was done by Howard when he began producing them after perfecting his process of creating a Bainite body while maintaining a Martensitic edge. He ceased the stamping practice shortly thereafter. Also the nakago is in his belt grinder finish which is also an early production feature. He started placing his own style of yasurimei a short time later. The blade is also stamped "Bugei" as it was destined for their queue. This blade likely dates from about 2000 or maybe 2001.
The first stone has been completed and the geometry set. It is offered either as is, or optionally completed with polish, habaki, and shirasaya.

Nagasa: 69.8 (27 1/2 inches)
Motohaba: 3.1 cm
Kasane: 6.5 mm
Sakihaba: 2.05 cm
Sori: 1.95 cm torisori
Weight (blade only): 693 grams
Now in Shirasaya and polish commenced. $5,500.00 as is or $6,950.00 with polish completed.
Sale Pending
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